Twinstar II Maiden Flight

25th August 2006

Due to bad weather on Wednesday evening I finally got to maiden my Twinstar II today,

Here we are ready for the first flight.......  She's still "virgin white" !

Ready to launch

John opened up the throttle and away she went.....

Off she goes

No "dip to get up speed" with this bird ..... straight into a climb.  
Here she comes 
John commented on how little trimming she needed, just a little "nose down", but the elevators were very sensitive so he landed and we set up the transmitter with dual rates and some exponential for the elevators.
There she goes

She certainly likes to be in the air !   She's "Floaty Lite"
Glide Approach

Alister remarked the glide angle was better than some gliders he's seen !
I launched her again and then took the transmitter from John..... <HUGE GRIN>  Being unsure how long the battry would last I gave the transmitter back to John for him to land her, but the LVC cut in on one motor just as John was comming in to land....  But no harm done by landing in the cut corn field !   So with a fresh battery I took her up <MORE HUGE GRINS>.

Me and my Twin Star II

Me and my TwinStar

Now I have to paint her !
Photographer: Paul Butt
Maiden Flight Test Pilot: John Butt

Twin Star Mk II
Motors:   Hacker A20-26M
Props:      APC-E 7x5
Battery:   Thunder Power 2100mAh
AUW:      2lb !